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This site features links which are helpful to bloggers, professional reporters, students and teachers. Many of these links are helpful to librarians and students in any grade doing quality research. College professors and high school instructors: Wondering how to walk your students through an exercise on using Web tools? Let them know about .

The Journalists Tool Box for Bloggers - Updated on January 9, 2013

New Resources

Journalists Toolbox Blog - the weekly blog from

Google - Search for expert webbsites with select criteria required. listed in Expert category.

Our new site features web sites helpful to the media and anyone else doing research.

Web & Tech News: There is no question the internet is here to stay. Our web and technology resources pages is an excellent place to begin your research.

Searching for a Job or Internship? Read how to write Cover Letters and Resumes and then go to the Jobs page to surf more links to job-hunting sites.

U.S. Conflicts:'s Bob Steele wrote a great essay on professionalism and journalism and how it applies to the Bob Greene issue. This issue raises questions about privacy and journalism ethics. Also, read what other columnists are saying about the incident.

E-Fitness: The Wall Street Journal’s blog, in which big-chain gyms such are creating Web sites for "go-it-alone exercisers." You can request workouts from the sites by filling out an online form with information about your age, workout needs and injuries. Some offer good service while others use the programs as a front to pimp vitamin supplements and other products. Examples of a couple good ones: This could make for a great local consumer health story if you can find people who are using them, or even a first-person piece should you be looking to lose a few pounds off the spare tire. Related Resources: Lifestyles and Medical/Health.

Strange News: If you're looking for offbeat, interesting stories, check out Strange News. It's proof that fact is truly stranger than fiction. Bloggers' Bookmarks: Besides the Journalist's Toolbox, there are some other key sites every journalist should bookmark.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act: With the enforcement of the UIEGA about to kick into effect on June 1st, 2010, many online casinos are scrambling to stay alive and a number of journalists have asked the question, should online casino gambling be legalized, and if so, can the government properly regulate the industry and protect its citizens?

Jonathan Dube's features online writing resources and search tools. Newsthinking is a great reporting and writing tips site from Bob Baker of the LA Times. from USC professor Michelle Nicolosi is a great collection of magazine, writing, news and job links. Gary Price of George Washington University's library has a site called The Invisible Web, a database of research tools. Columbia professor and columnist Sreenath Sreenivasan's Smarter Surfing Tips offers dozens of great sites and research shortcuts. Robert Niles of the LA Times built a must-see site on writing with numbers and statistics. ShopTalk offers news and gossip on the TV news industry and is available as an e-mail newsletter. For dish on the magazine industry, go to For more helpful sites, go to the J-Tools and News Industry pages.

Teaching Tools:  Another good site is EditBank, a collection of links to online editing course syllabi that was created under the auspices of the Newspaper Division of AEJMC. (Note: Some of the EditBank links may be broken or outdated. The site is regularly being updated.) We've added dozens of new resources to our teaching resources: Teaching Tools, College Media and High School Journalism. Also helpful are a two-part lesson plan for teaching online research, Web Editing and Design Tools, Print Design, Broadcasting, Ethics, Writing, Reporting Techniques, Writing with Numbers, Photojournalism and Copy Editing.

Reporting Tools: Reporting Techniques, Phone/E-Mail/Maps Directories, Search Engines, Expert Sources, Investigative, Form 990s, Public Records, Ethics, Check Domain Names, General Research and Writing With Numbers.

Editing and Fact-Checking Resources: Copy Editing, General Research, History, Domain Sites and Writing With Numbers.

The problem with music on websites

I was in a chat forum the other day and one of the members was complaining because she’d updgraded her tumblr theme but it broke her playlist. Which, you know this is the reason I use tumblr without ever going into people’s actual tumblr blogs. I let them load on my dashboard instead. Sure, I [...]

One space or two when writing

I’m having an interesting discussion with a friend who handles usability for websites. It’s all around the ongoing and sometimes heated debate over 1 space or 2 after a period when writing. Now, let’s get a little history on this. Years ago with type-writers, people put 2 spaces after a period to help emphasis that [...]

Google and Facebook make multiple businesses more difficult

It’s become an ongoing source of frustration for me.  Google and Facebook have become so tied into tracking your computer and your browsing and wanting to be the source to log you into everything that it’s becoming more and more difficult to have more than one “business personality.” Now I know what some of you [...]

Are Google’s SEO changes good for writers?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the latest SEO changes made by Google. Now whenever Google makes changes to the way it rates content, there’s a big firestorm of forum posts and debates from SEO crowd. So, what’s SEO and why does this matter. And what does it mean for writers? SEO is search [...]

Online Gambling Firms Complain to EU Over Greek Gambling Law

The European Union has been in the news a lot lately. So has Greece. We’ve all heard about the economic crisis going on in the country. In fact, I was scheduled to visit Greece recently as part of a tour of the Mediterranean, but because of riots, we were sent to Crete instead. This caused [...]